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The best supplements to gain muscle mass

Whey protein is one of the best supplements to increase muscle and the most used without any doubt. The price of this supplement also makes it one of the most popular options .

Although whey is one of the most common supplements, many people do not really know what it is for. These are its main benefits:

  • They form the muscular structures . You need about 2-3 grams of protein per kilo that you weigh to build muscle. A few measures of whey in water or milk a day will help you reach that minimum if you have trouble getting it.
  • Comfort . Take a couple of measures in a glass of water or milk, move it with a spoon and drink it. There is nothing easier and quicker to take proteins than serum.
  • Low price . Whey is the cheapest protein you can find. 
    Whichever brand you choose, buy only serum. No “mass gainers” with added sugars. If you need to gain weight, add a glass of oatmeal flakes to your protein shake and whisk it all.
  • The protein maximizes the benefits of physical exercise and replenishing the muscle cells of the microrotures produced . Since concentrated whey protein is easily digested , its use as a supplement to gain weight is usually particularly useful .

Drinking whey protein shakes is very common in those who exercise regularly. The combination with other foods such as mixed fruits or oats provide carbohydrates, fiber and vitamins such as we can find in conventional weight-gain supplements that we can find in the market, but without the need to pay for them.  

Another option provided by whey concentrate compared to other proteins (discarding casein by slow absorption) is that unlike whey protein isolated or hydrolyzed, it is much slower to assimilate and more economical but without losing the quality. In periods of volume, rapid absorption is not so important, so we can save a lot by choosing a concentrated whey protein and leaving the isolates and concentrates for the definition phase.

Protein powder can also be used to make desserts, ice creams, pancakes and a variety of recipes that will help us increase our protein intake of high biological value.

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Michael McKinness

Michael McKinness

Business Owner

"I have no regrets! After using your product my fitness results skyrocketed! Feeling much better, stronger, and more fresh each and every day"

Elena Deck

Elena Deck

Independent Artist

"Your supplements are truly upstanding and quite effective. I have tried several other products on the market, and yours was the one I liked best."

John Liu

John Liu


"Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all quick acting! I am so pleased with this product. Dude, your stuff is great, I am going to tell all my friends."


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