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If you think that your best piece could be a bit longer, then Jess Extender should be able to help you. In the erect state, the male limb is often larger, which is why many men should not necessarily be afraid of the size. If you still think that the penis should be slightly longer, then, according to the manufacturer, Jes Extender die should be the solution to your problem.

What is the effect of the Jes Extender ?

What is a Jes Extender ?

The product Jes Extender is a penis extender developed in 1994, patented in 1995 and from Denmark. The article offers a possibility to lengthen the penis. In addition to the alleged patent, the manufacturer also states that the product has often been purchased.

Jess Extender Ingredients

The product is an external penis extender or penis extender. The article consists of several parts, such as foam cuffs and metal rods as well as a comfort band and a front piece. The metal rods are used to adjust the penis extension. Flexible plastic components and nickel-free titanium are used for the product. The product should not cause allergies. At least one review and the manufacturer point out that the penis extender is of high quality and has no sharp edges. Before using the device, make sure that there are no sharp parts and that the material feels pleasant to the touch.

The buyer should have access to an online forum.

Is there side effects?

According to the manufacturer, the product should not have any undesirable effects. It is nevertheless advisable to obtain a professional opinion, for example from an expert physician, before using the article. Furthermore, you should use the product according to the manufacturer's instructions.

How's the Jes Extender Application?

Jes Extender - how does the product work?

The Jes Extender ist is a device that is used externally. A taking and dosage of preparations is not necessary with the product. The device has a larger part, which is pushed over the link. This should always be done according to the manufacturer's instructions. The metal rods are also attached to the large part of the device. The required length of the rods can be selected. A holder included in the scope of delivery is placed so that the tip of the penis can be attached. The fastening is achieved with a soft loop. The fastening of the penis is a preparation for stretching, so it represents a reviews of the device which can be found in the Internet. The product has a thread, over which a tensile force is built up. The threads should have gram numbers. The respective tensile force is indicated on the threads in grams. In an online report it is stated that the lowest tensile force of the device is 900 grams.

To find out if the stretching of the penis is working, the best piece can be measured before using the device. According to the manufacturer, an extension of up to 25 % should be possible. To achieve such results, however, the device should be used for 1,100 hours according to the manufacturer's instructions. According to an Internet report, the manufacturer specifies a six-hour, daily wearing period.

There is an alleged User review available on the Internet that describes that penis enlargement is not painful.

Does it really work - is there Jes Extender Successes?

At least one report evaluates the Jes Extender Positive. There are for understandable reasons no Before After pictures visible, but in at least one online report it is stated how many centimeters longer the penis allegedly became. We do not know how serious the test pages on the Internet are. We do not have the product tested ourselves and advise you to get a medical opinion about Jes Extender ein before using it.

Which Jes Extener User reviews are there?

There is positive experience with the Jes Extender im Internet. At least one negative evaluation can be found. We don't know any Jes Extender Studies, so we advise you to read positive and negative reports about the product on the Internet and consult a doctor so you don't waste money.

Where you can get the Jes Extender cheap buy?

If you are interested in the product and would like to purchase it not from amazon, but on account, then you can use the link below. This should lead you to a serious sales page. It is advisable to pay attention to a serious imprint at the purchase in an online shop. If there is no imprint, then you should not buy there.

As far as we know, you can't get the Jess Extender in the pharmacy order. If you make a price comparison, it is possible that a particularly cheap price will lead you to a fake product.

The author assumes no responsibility for the content of linked pages and for the accuracy of the information provided in the article.

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